Cheap and low cost HMI and SCADA system only from Rapidtek Controls 

Our Scada software and Scada system is 100% iot and web based  and offers Scada applications for monitoring and control in various process industries. It is a Ideal solution for cost effective Scada software for customers having limited budget yet demand a Scada for their process plants.
Our Scada software can interface to major brands such as Siemens , Allen Bradley and Schneider. we support variety of protocols such as Modbus TCP,Modbus RTU and OPC DA .
When you buy Scada software and Scada Systems from Rapidtek Controls, you are assured of very attractive prices and discounts, quick delivery, best quality product and professional service.

SCADA Software System

Rich and colourful scada HMI  display for Visualization

We use advanced technology such as SVG, JS, HTML to fully customize your project scada HMI requirements. Our Engineers who are well versed in developing professional HMI will ensure an operator friendly and robust process interface HMI with human ergonomics.This can replace your costly panel HMI.

SCADA Software System


Rich Trending quickly the trend of the plant critical process parameters.
Various features are
• Freedom to choose your Trend variables from List. No Need to remember just follow auto prompt
• Switch between History and Realtime
• Realtime Auto refresh
• Zoom in and Out
• See Alarm Hi and Lo limits
• Move cursor for value display by scrolling mouse over trend.
• Up to Four Pens per Trend display 

SCADA Software System

Alarm and Events

Our SCADA software generates Alarms and events to notify operators about status of the process conditions that are deviating from alarm limits.
Events reporting represent normal operations such as valve opening and closing, equipment’s start and stop etc.,
Alarms are color coded to distinguish Alarm and Normal state, High or Low Alarm etc. with date and time of alarms.
Alarms and Events history view is available to trace back and troubleshoot past histories. 

SCADA Software System


Our SCADA Reports features flexible plant reports based on events, calculations and summary reporting. Available for download in various formats such as Word, Excel or pdf. We fully customize your report as per your requirements. Include rich colorful charts and Trends as part of reports helps get your plant analytics in your reports.

SCADA Software System

Production KPI Dashboards

The data analytics add-on modules provide rich KPI dashboards for your plant. KPI for production and KPI for manufacturing dashboards help Identify plant in efficiencies easily. It makes visualization of key metrics always at hands and make timely decision possible. It helps process engineer, Managers and CEO know exactly about their production status at their desktop via rich dashboard or Mobiles. Typical we build the various Plant status boiler plates after understanding the various stake holders’ requirements and needs. Our engineers will supply KPI examples for your team
At a glance, managers are able to visualize production KPIs for each shift in this manufacturing dashboard example.
• Bar charts display plant production Totals for each shift on an Hourly Basis.
• Pie Charts display how various produced final products make up percentage.
• Other Features are Adhoc calculations like number of Trips and Start-ups of equipment’s
• KPIs are organized by shift and dashboard users 

SCADA Software System

Scada applications

we serve SCADA for continuous process plants across entire gamut of  Scada applications in chemical, steel, power, water ,cement furnaces industries.

Contact us today for your SCADA requirements and our representative will get in touch with you for further assistance


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