Cheap, low cost Energy Monitoring System only from Rapidtek Controls-Reduce your Process Plant & Factory Energy Bills 

Rapidtek Controls EMS Systems offers IOT and web based energy monitoring solutions for Industrial Plants, factories and commercial buildings.
we interface with variety of energy monitoring devices such Energy meters and electricity reader. 
When you buy Energy Monitoring and Energy Management Systems from us you are assured of very attractive prices and discounts, quick delivery, best quality product and professional service.

Energy Monitoring

Energy Patterns -Factories/Equipments/ Buildings

Know energy consumption pattern of each equipment installed in your factory.
Helps monitor equipment downtimes and peak demands and plan your production and maintenance schedules including machine performance and availability  
Extract Real time energy consumption insights in your plants. Monitor Power Quality to reduces operational costs. Know peak demands and seasonal energy consumption patterns and minimise energy costs cutting wasteful consumptions

Energy Monitoring

Real time Dashboards

Real time update of all Energy meter parameters such as Volt, Amps, PF, KW, KVA etc., Colourful gauge charts gives instant access in your devices like Mobiles and Tablets. Know your equipment consumption status in real time.

Energy Monitoring Trends


Realtime and Historical Trends for all your energy parameters

Energy Monitoring KPI

Energy Consumption KPI's

Our Software provides data analysis and visualization with the help of various types of charts such as Pie Chart, Histograms that enable clear pattern of energy consumption across the installed base for both historical and real time.

Energy Monitoring


Variety of Reports such as daily reports, Weekly reports, Monthly reports and On-Demand Reports etc with rich graphical presentation provided. Reports can be fully customized as per individual requirement.

Energy Monitoring


Our Energy Monitoring System Software can be applied for all process industries / substations/infrastructure/Machines 

Contact us today for your Energy Monitoring Requirements and our representative will get in touch immdiately to provide you with our technical solutions


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